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Clients are often confused when asked for a 'vector' file or other terms commonly used in the graphic design world. Below, you'll find some of the common terms and their definition. Hope this helps! 


AI: represents Adobe Illustrator Artwork file. This graphics file format is a creation of Adobe systems for containing vector based graphics in a single page.


EPS: (short for Encapsulated PostScript) is a vector format designed for printing to PostScript printers and image setters.


PDF: (short for Portable Document Format) is a file format developed by Adobe as a means of distributing compact, platform-independent documents. 


JPEG: stands for “Joint Photographic Experts Group”.  is often produced by digital photography. The ideal jpeg is 300dpi. 

FD- Flower.jpg

VECTOR: A graphic (shape or line)that is created in Adobe Illustrator

that has infinite scalability. The type of file needed for a logo. 

Asset 4@3x-100.jpg

PANTONE COLORS: A system used for color matching.  The colors are also made up of more inks, providing a larger selection of colors that cannot be made up by CMYK.

Asset 1@3x-100.jpg

CMYK: Color mode used for print designs, and is an acronym for the four main colors used when printing – cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black)

Asset 2@3x-100.jpg

RGB: Is used for digital/web designs, and is an acronym for the three colors that get mixed together in different amounts – red, green, and blue


OPACITY: Amount of transparency an image or graphic has

Asset 3@3x-100.jpg


Gradual blending of colors or shades from the same hue

Asset 6@3x-100.jpg

TRIM LINE: Crop marks that show where your printed piece will be cut down to its correct size, usually shown when there is a bleed that goes outside the trim area

Asset 5@3x-100.jpg

BLEED: Design that goes beyond the border of the pages so there is no margin

Asset 7@3x-100.jpg

DPI/PPI:  Refers to dots per inch, or pixels per inch; these describe the resolution of an image​


MOCK-UP: A realistic representation of the final design (either to scale or full-size)

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